23/04/18 | Refugee Crisis | Juan Carlos Girauta. Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

The MEP from ALDE said that the photo of the dead child on a beach in Turkey “will never be erased from our retinas”. Girauta sait it last September 3, referring to the refugee crisis that European countries live, adding that the old continent “can not witness what is going on and not react”. In fact, Girauta recalled that C’s (Citizens) –his party– has called for the creation of a fund to “search and rescue of humans who try to cross the Mediterranean” to escape the conflict in their countries of origin. Girauta said “it is unacceptable that this is happening in Europe which is above all a community of values”.
“The first thing is to save lives and this priority should have a matter of urgency. Therefore, from C’s have called for the creation of a European fund to be out looking for people traveling on these ships and try to reach Europe”, said the MEP.
Besides Girauta advocated for a “true European policy and not a mere cooperation, as usual, between the countries of the EU” and to establish “quota refugees in the Member States”.
“So far there has been no joint action by Europe to face the mass exodus of these people”, lamented the MEP.//