Europe is not going through its best moment. After a serious economic crisis from which it is still recovering, bailouts and the almost materialization of the so called Grexit, it comes the most serious problem to be faced since its foundation: the worst immigration crisis since the World War II that brings to Europe waves of refugees fleeing death and hunger. Many of these migrants die in the attempt, not to have a better life, but simply to have a life.

Faced with this alarming situation, Europe has not shown reaction capacity. The passivity in which it was installed for many years with the problem, has been followed by inefficiency and, above all, the division between member states which has put in evidence the fragility of European foundations.

How many committee meetings, ministers, and heads of state and government do we need to adopt a common position? Europe needs a clear asylum policy because its citizens require it. Europe must give clear signs that it is not just a monetary union and it must provide solutions to the human drama that has brought 300,000 people to cross the Mediterranean since the beginning of this year.//