23/04/18 | Refugee Crisis | Esteban González Pons. EPP Group

Spanish PP spokesman in the European Parliament, Esteban González Pons, said last September that while the war in Syria does not finish, it will not be quotas enough to accommodate all refugees coming to Europe.
“The question is not how many, the question is when, when the international community is going to end this war”, said González Pons, who also recalled that “Syria’s is not the only war that is around us”.
“The distribution of people and their host countries of the EU will not be easy, it will be a long and difficult process. So, this is not a challenge for today, this is a challenge for the coming years”, said González Pons during the debate on the State of the Union held in the plenary of the European Parliament.
The MEP pointed out that the heartbreaking picture of a dead Syrian boy on a beach in Turkey has opened the eyes of many Europeans, but it is not the first killed child, thousands have died before him and unfortunately, he will not be the last one.
In this sense, González Pons stated that “Spain still has more than 4 million unemployed and yet, it will unreserved accept with generosity, solidarity and humanity the proposal for refugees the Commission has done”.
Therefore, the PP leader in the European Parliament argued that “the EU needs a common asylum policy but it also needs a common foreign policy of peace, as well as a domestic policy of coexistence and tolerance”.
“We need another Schengen Treaty, a mental Schengen Treaty, to delete borders into the minds and the hearts”, González Pons said.//