The Covenant of Mayors for a Sustainable Energy is an initiative of cooperation between the European Commission and the European municipalities to fight against climate change. 6,263 European municipalities have joined it with 196 million citizens.

The Diputació de Lleida joined it in September 2012 as Regional Coordinator of the Covenant and, at the end of 2014, there were already 117 towns from Lleida (representing 50% of the territory and 80% of the population). From the joining municipalities, 94 have already approved its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and 89 received financial support from the Lleida Council to draft the plan.The goal is to reach its CO2 reduction target by 2020. The SEAP approved for the area of Lleida provide an investment of 15.2 million in energy efficiency of buildings and municipal facilities and 12.2 million more in solar photovoltaic implantation and forest biomass for thermal use. The Diputació de Lleida has articulated a plan to aid small investments arising from PAES which has allowed to make investments worth 1.6 million euros, it will be a priority for the use of structural funds and the different infrastructure funding programs that enable the European Union to allow to mobilize these 27.4 million investment which have been planned.

In this context, the Diputació de Lleida has launched various programs and activities to support town halls to join the Covenant of Mayors. We have to stand out the Municipal Energy Accounting, which has been joined by 61 towns, and that guarantees free access to an energy accounting software and to a continous training of energy managers.

Finally, in 2013, together with the Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona Provincial Councils and the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona; the Covenant of Catalonia Mayors’Club was created, an association that has to allow a direct relationship with the European Commission, the exchange of experiences and the boost of commont projects related to the development of the Covenant of Mayors.//