On 26 March 2013, the presidents of the provincial councils of Barcelona,Tarragona, Girona and Lleida signed an agreement with the desire to create an institutional framework and a common strategy to position the local Catalan world into the European Union.
The Diputació de Lleida works in following European policies with local impact and in the research of funds from the main EU programs. In this sense, this local institution is taking part, making and collaborating in developing several programs, initiatives and European projects.
Moreover, regarding regional coordination, we have to consider the lobby action this institution is realizing by leading the Territorial Cohesion Commission of the European network called Arco Latino, through which some alliances have been established with other European local governments in recent years.
Thus, in order that municipalities, businesses and the University of Lleida can maximize the opportunities generated by the implementation of the 2020 strategy of the European Commission, the Diputació de Lleida is defining the strategy of smart specialization RIS3LLEIDA. Other projects that are being developed are the Covenant of Mayors, Risk Hydro and ERDF, so as the project “Perseguits i Salvats”(Prosecuted and Saved).
In order to strengthen and reinforce the action of local authorities towards Europe, we must continue working and strengthening the coordination and optimization of efforts between different local authorities as well as its internationalization.//

Joan Reñé. Lleida Provincial Council President